API Course Instruction

All classes are taught at InterSpec’s training center in Virginia Beach, VA.

Teaching a class
  • Individual access to course material and manuals are available to students for the purpose of referencing inspection codes, regulations, and other pertinent information, as well as for use during note taking.
  • These courses have been developed by Mr. Boley to encompass relevant material and information, including all the latest changes and updates, required for API inspections and exam preparation.
  • Mr. Boley’s vast knowledge and experience provides him the ability to teach informatively, interestingly, and in a style that is easy to understand.

On-site training can be arranged for large or small groups at an additional cost. Further information can be obtained by requesting a customized price quote or contacting us directly at 757-622-6299 or 1-800-546-7853.

API Exam Requirements and Applications

All API exams have minimal requirements, which are available on the API site, along with a list of testing sites for taking computerized exams. To obtain a list of exam testing sites and exam applications, please visit the API site at www.api.org/icp.