InterSpec: Environmental Inspection Services

Small, Veteran-Owned, Prime Seaport-e Contractor

Overview of Seaport-e

InterSpec LLC has been awarded contract #N00178-12-D-6919

To support Seaport Enhanced (SeaPort-e), a USN contract vehicle to procure all future engineering, technical, logistics, program management and financial support services. The contract has a four-year base with one five-year award term and one additional one-year award term, for a total contract term of ten years.

The indefinite delivery and quantity contract includes R&D support, prototyping, acquisition logistics, modeling, test and evaluation and engineering support for the Naval Sea Systems Command, Naval Air Systems Command, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, Naval Supply Systems Command, Military Sealift Command, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Strategic Programs and the Marine Corps.

3 Years Services Experience

  • Petroleum-Oil-Lubricant (POL) Operations/Operational and Infrastructure inspection, Evaluation and Repair

    Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support, Measurement Facilities, Range, and Instrumentation Support.

  • API 1110 Pressure Testing of Steel Pipelines

    Pipeline Pressure Testing, Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support, Measurement Facilities, and Instrumentation Support

  • Bulk Fuel Tank Inspections

    Storage Tank Cleaning and Testing, Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support, and Instrumentation Support

Quality Assurance Plan

InterSpec LLC’s Quality Control Plan (QCP) for execution on the SeaPort-E contract will ensure best industry standards and will facilitate this performance-based contracting effort. Our QCP approach will result in predictable and measurable quality across all Task Orders to ensure the effective and efficient achievement of program goals as well as enabling the reuse of best practices so vital to SeaPort-E enterprise continuity. Our QCP will focus on both the tactical delivery of products and processes while simultaneously maintaining the strategic goal of enterprise success. Through the Program QC Plan, the QC manager will ensure that each Task Order will require the preparation of a specific Quality Control Plan. The QCP establishes our overall management philosophy, governing policies, requirements, and accountability for ensuring compliance with individual contact and Task Order requirements. Our QC program includes:

Identifying requirements and processes, implementing structure and processes, measuring and reporting compliance and monitoring continuous improvement.

It will be the responsibility of the QCM to implement the plan across all task orders through training and awareness with associated reporting and actions as appropriate.

The QCP ensures rigorous assessment of metrics and focuses on satisfaction. The plan includes scheduled and unscheduled monitoring, testing strategies, and other procedures to detect errors with services and products. Inspections are performed, and services and products are reviewed to identify trends and issues to prevent errors and to ensure appropriate traceability of requirements and agreements. If appropriate to the task, surveys and peer review will also be implemented. The Program Manager will assess all inspection and audit findings and trend analysis to ensure any discrepancies are identified are corrected quickly and that action is taken to prevent recurrence.

Customer Satisfaction POC

Task Orders

  • Task Order Awards under Seaport-e for InterSpec, LLC are pending.

Team Members

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